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ATHENAS is a professional insurance broker exclusively dedicated to meeting all individual and corporate needs.

Consisting of a team of experienced and service-oriented professionals, ATHENAS has its own positioning and identity, solely focused on the Customer’s well-being.

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In my opinion, "ATHENAS" has been the most professional company in the field that I have had the pleasure of working until today. At "ATHENAS" I have all my insurance, both: Personal and the company I lead, and when there is a problem I know I can count on your cooperation and availability at any time. A rarity to preserve these days!

Customer – Vânia Sofia Mendonça Rodrigues

From Athenas I just have to say "nothing" and "thank you". Whenever at a personal level or the Company it was necessary to solve a problem or just for information, we got the answers right away, and in cases where they didn't have the information, there was the humility and professionalism to say "... we don't know , but let us find out ...", I only regret the company's headquarters location!

Customer – J.M., Lda. | Azolab, Lda. | José Martins | Filomena Martins

Quite professional. Indeed, one of the companies I deal with, with a greater commitment to solving the problems of its Customers effectively!

Customer – António Martins

Friendly and personalized service, with competent and proactive professionals. It is a company that offers us satisfaction and security for the services provided!

Customer – Maria Elvira Fernandes

An excellent service!

Customer – José Alves

"Athenas Seguros" has been my insurance broker since my first insurance, almost 25 years of full confidence. "ATHENAS" managed to build a very innovative, young and professional business model within its area. Keep it that way!

Customer – AMSAINFOR | António Abrantes

Fast, professional, always with good alternatives to the questions asked!

Customer – Vera Dutchile

"ATHENAS" develops a work of professional rigor, which is due in large part to the dedication of its employees, and for the intelligent use of new technologies!

Supplier - João Pedro Sena


Business Partner - Antonio Rolo

"ATHENAS" has always known how to respond, both to the needs of our Company and to the needs of the customers we represent, so we recognize that it provides a great service and we consider that it is a Professional Company that is increasingly revealed!

Customer – Account., Lda. / Repres. Jorge Moreira

The service is provided with quality and with professionalism!

Customer / Collaborator - Antonio Augusto Alves Miranda

The best opinion! Insightful, diligent and dedicated; high professionalism!

Customer – Carlos M. Martins

It is a competent and extremely professional service!

Customer – Isabel Lourenço

"ATHENAS" is a professional and organized company, with an innovative spirit, which has been following the evolution of the market over the years, providing the customer with an adequate service to the needs of each one!

Business Partner – Paula Mendonça

The service is very effective and the people are very competent. "ATHENAS" is a very professional company!

Customer – Isabel Martins

Company made up of people of high professional quality and unquestionable suitability!

Customer / Collaborator – Paulo Bento

It is a company that deals with matters in a highly professional manner, with great concern for detail, which in the activity where it is inserted makes the difference in the service provided!

Supplier - José Carlos Henriques

Excellent service, always focused on the customer. Very professional!

Supplier – Ana Rita Santos

I have a good opinion of "ATHENAS". The professional way you handle my insurance is proof of that!

Customer – Manuela Afonso

"ATHENAS" is undoubtedly a professional company, responding in a timely and attentive manner to the requests of its Clients!

Customer – Ana Sofia Farinha