What we do


We analyze your needs to find the best solutions for your reality.

We are always present to advise you and provide technicalD support, claims management, any changes, charges, among others.

We always add value to the solution presented, whether through quick response, more favorable conditions, excellent service and the tools we make available in more specialized businesses.

For us, you are not a number, you are a person or entity that, when needed, deserves our full attention.


We work to be different


Excellent responsiveness, managed by a capable, rigorous and technologically efficient structure. A corporate culture always attentive to the specific needs of each Client and the evolution of the Insurance Market.

The permanent and personalized monitoring in all situations and the independence of being Multibrand Mediators, make ATHENAS a well positioned, modern, effective and credible company.

Our goals

  • To improve the quality of service we provide.
  • To increase business in a diversified, sustained and efficient manner.
  • To assert ourselves as a reference in the Transported Goods and Life Risk Insurance.
  • To continue to innovate, developing value-added solutions, essentially in businesses with higher complexity.
  • To capture a partner that brings us guarantees of globality, competitiveness and implementation in the Transported Goods business.

We take responsibility for our actions and keep our promises. We recommend without interest and the best solutions in each situation;
The experience and commitment with which we develop the activity makes us experts. Thus certifying our recommendations on guarantees to persons and property;
The pleasure we feel in the activity we carry out, the pride in representing our Company and all our Customers, comes down to one word “Passion”;
By the people and the environment. We care for those around us, the ever-present ethics, and the fact that we are a digital company, are only small indicators of who we are;



All ATHENAS team works to offer the best to all our Customers, Business Partners and Suppliers.

There is a daily effort to make everything go well, as we are aware that this is the best we can offer to those who trust us.

However, our way of being is based on values, values adopted since the beginning of our activity, which define us, and consciously help in the fulfillment of our mission.